Complete Guide to Paralegal Salary, Degrees, and Careers

Depending on the country you live in the definition of a paralegal will change from slight to significantly. How can this be? Certain responsibilities and information are only given based on certain actions the paralegal can take. Let’s discern some of this.

In the United States a Paralegal is seen as more of an assistant to a lawyer, this is true of many different applications of paralegals not just relevant to the USA but in places like Canada they are a legitimate law technician who works independently often times outside the jurisdiction a government. In other words, these people can perform the same legal duties as a lawyer but not through the proper legal channels.

A Paralegal outside the United States is in fact a lawyer; some countries are absent when it comes down to conventional lawyers so the only thing they can make due with is paralegals. Most will choose to opt out of using a paralegal but of their often unconventional ways of gathering evidence and other forms of work that are often times lost in the legal sense. In America, these people are almost the same as, let’s say, a Physician Assistant, they are allowed to practice law but often times only under the supervision of a lawyer and often times they are only there to assist that lawyer in his or her endeavors but not before learning what they need to know.


There are very few paralegal accredited online degrees available so many of you will have to go back to the conventional way of doing things if you intend to hold a job in this field. But the degrees will range from a typical certificate program degree to a master’s degree within the allotted specialized time frame of schooling.

  • Paralegal Certification: You can get this from many schools by working directly under an official lawyer or paralegal in the business acting as a semi-assistant for them, learning all you can to be what you can be. This may also include secretary work and documentation of exactly what the lawyer wants to be said. This can be learned through online courses but is more so recommended through traditional means of application.
  • Paralegal Master’s degree: It is a two year 12 step program that will cover the first six steps in the first year and as you may have guessed the second six in year two. You will learn the ethics of legality, legal research, as well as collecting evidence and data to showcase guilt or innocence in any given case before a judge and or jury.

Financial Aid

Whether you are attending an accredited university or a regular one you will find an abundance of financial aid and scholarships available to you through the means that you are meeting specific requirements, are you enrolled in the correct school? Are you the right age? Are you actively seeking a degree within this field? These are just a few of the variables colleges will consider when deciding whether or not you meet their ends when it comes down to financial aide and scholarship dictations.


  • Kaplan University- Davenport

    • Address: 1801 E Kimberly Rd Davenport, IA 52807
    • Phone: (563) 355-3500
  • Keiser University

    • Address: 1500 Northwest 49th Street Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309
    • Phone: (800) 749-4456
    • University of Central Florida
    • Address: 4000 Central Florida Boulevard Orlando, FL 32816 8005
    • Phone: (407) 384-2074
  • Berkley College

    • Address: 2050 Center Street, Berkeley, CA
    • Phone: (510) 981-2852
  • New York Paralegal school

    • Address: 115 W 45th St # 5, New York, NY
    • Phone: (212) 349-8800‎


Whether you are working for an independent contactor or for a large business or firm (Including the government) you can be paid from $40,000 a year to about $73,000 a year. All of this depends on the duties you are trained to accomplish and the form of business and or government you choose to work for.

Common Careers

  • State Government Paralegal- On this level you will handle and dodge around any legal matters that the state has in terms of problems, this can include civil disputes between one state and another state and this can often times is the largest of all the prescribed fields within the business of paralegal activity.
  • Legal Services- Simple legality services like what a typical lawyer would work on are what this position is all about, to provide legal service is to offer your assistance and legal council to those who wish to seek it, whether you are working the case or not they will confide in you for information in regards to what a client should be doing from a legal standpoint. This can often times mean being the assistant to the lawyer but that is not always the case especially in Canada where paralegals act on their own accord.
  • Business Paralegal- It’s your job to represent a corporation in need of legal protection if they are sued or worse when it comes down to the craft of their company’s basis. You must work to find out if your company caused some sort of strive and it’s your duty to defend that company as best you can to relegate its innocence in whatever dispute it may need to reflect.

This is the closest thing you can get to being a lawyer without actually being a lawyer. Depending on the country you live in and the state you work in will decide how much legal action you really get to be part of when you are masquerading as a paralegal individual. Sometimes you may be doing just as much as a Lawyer but other times you will mostly be part of the side lines in a case and the degrees to accomplish these are almost endless.